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dpaul420 - 12 November 2016 - 2:33 pm
fobster - 20 April 2016 - 6:53 am
Sound man! I thought this may have been a hit and hoper when you hadn't posted a recipe for a while! I used oak-smoked wheat malt for my smoke flavour and also to hopefully help with head retention. I reckon the addition of carapils and flaked barley would help the head along too.

Just tested a bottle which was carbonating for 2 weeks yesterday, it's coming together nicely. Not much head but another week and the carbonation will improve, just wanted to see progress. And progress is good!

Happy brewing from Ireland!

dpaul420 - 20 April 2016 - 7:52 am
May I make a suggestion for your next batch? I am not really known for subtlety of flavours in my beers, so I would try making a bacon infused Irish whisky!! I have made many beers with alcohol infusions, but lately I have been drinking beers lately that are aged in single malt barrels and mescal barrels to give a super unique smoky flavour. I want to try to recreate that soon. I have been living on and off again in England for the last 4 years while my wife has been studying, so I cannot wait to get back to Canada for good this summer, where all my all-grain brewing equipment is collecting dust!
fobster - 20 April 2016 - 9:57 am
Ha smoky bacon-infused whisky now you're talking! Subtlety definitely went out the window when I attempted a chocolate banana chilli oatmeal stout, needless to say the chilli was the main player, still more drinkable than my first chilli stout so I'll call that a result! Nice one I was over in the Vancouver area and the Rockies last September myself, sister on a visa there. Amazing place! When I haven't brewed for a while I call all brews I drink research!
fobster - 14 April 2016 - 5:52 am
Hey man, what was the head retention like on your bacon porter? I see you got as much fat removed from the bacon soaked vodka cause I know oils destroy beer head! I have a Maple Porter using 15% Brown Malt for a coffee flavour and 15% smoked malt for a subtle smokiness conditioning at the moment. I added 8oz of maple syrup at flameout and then 5oz for carbonation.


dpaul420 - 14 April 2016 - 8:09 am
Hi, I have made this beer twice. I believe i kept the recipe fairly similar, however I dont have my beersmith up to date on this computer and I dont seem to have anything more current on the cloud. I never had an issue with head retention, actually sometimes the beers head was a glorious tan froth! Two things were important: 1 - remove as much visible fat as possible 2 - use a grain that is know for head retention. Sorry I cant get into specifics, but like this old recipe shows, the Cara Pils/Dextrine or anything similar is important. Or maybe it isnt, I just never wanted to chance it! Getting that coffe and smoke is important, and too be honest more can be better so that it doesnt get too muted in the end, especially after long aging. I still have a bottle or two from 2012 that the bacon and smoke are starting to disappear. The 2013/14 version still has a punch. Your flameout maple might ferment out leaving a faint flavor and aroma, but I feel that bottlle conditioning with maple syrup is where it lingers longer. Sorry, again I dont know what I used for quantities. I look forward to hearing how this turns out!
dpaul420 - 21 September 2012 - 3:17 pm
dpaul420 - 8 June 2012 - 12:50 pm
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