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Bjarnemann - 26 February 2023 - 5:52 am
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Bjarnemann - 3 February 2020 - 6:30 am
My equipment
My equipment is old School, welded from water heaters, and can make a 50 L batch. Boiling pot (65L), Rinsing pot, and mash pot (using a 51L Igloo beach cooler)
A copper ring-line with small cuts around the bottom inside, with a solid tube up to the top, functioning as a pipette going to the boiling pot below. Copper pipes made like an "H" with many small holes, lying on top of the Igloo, functioning like an irrigation system from the Rinsing pot (80ÂșC)
For cooling, I have winded up a 12mm annealed copper pipe.
I am using 2 x 25L Fermentation plastic buckets.
This home made equipment still works like a charm after almost 20 years of brewing, and I have total control of the process. No heating elements burning the grains at any time.

Would like to add som pictures, but this is not possible as far as I can see, but they can be seen here:

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