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Batch Size: 11.00 galStyle: Oktoberfest/Märzen ( 3B)
Boil Size: 14.28 galStyle Guide: BJCP 2008
Color: 8.0 SRMEquipment: My Equipment
Bitterness: 21.7 IBUsBoil Time: 60 min
Est OG: 1.063 (15.5° P)Mash Profile: Single Infusion, Full Body
Est FG: 1.017 SG (4.3° P)Fermentation: Lager, Two Stage
ABV: 6.1%Taste Rating: 30.0

Amount Name Type #
8 lbs 4.99 oz Munich II (Weyermann) (8.5 SRM) Grain 1
8 lbs 4.99 oz Pilsner (Weyermann) (1.7 SRM) Grain 2
4 lbs 2.49 oz Vienna Malt (Weyermann) (3.0 SRM) Grain 3
1 lbs 0.62 oz Crystal 40, 2-Row, (Great Western) (40.0 SRM) Grain 4
2.56 oz Hallertauer Mittelfrueh [4.0%] - Boil 60 min Hops 5
1.28 oz Hallertauer Mittelfrueh [4.0%] - Boil 30 min Hops 6
2.0 pkgs Bavarian Lager (Wyeast Labs #2206) Yeast 7


Gary Here is my 2010 Oktoberfest. VERY popular beer with everyone. Rich orange color and very well balanced. Nice malt profile and very clean. This is my original recipe but ends up being very close to many recipes. CaraMunich is a common component for some Munich or the Crystal 40°L but this is your choice. The specs were: OG: 1.059 FG: Ended up 1.011 (1.013 was in the recipe design) 8 SRM by design but the final SRM was probably a little closer to 9. IBUs calculated at 24 and that is about where it was in the final product. The grain bill was 8 lbs of German Pilsner (1.6°L) 8 lbs of German Munich (8°L) 4 lbs. of German Vienna (3°L) 1 lbs. Crystal (40°L) My mash efficiency was 79% (actual ) Hop Additions Hallertauer Mittelfruh (2 oz at 60 minutes / 1 oz at 30 minutes) 90 minute total boil time I used the 2206 Bavarian Lager Yeast. See starter instructions below. I ended up chilling to about 66°F and then pitching. That was all I could get in May of 2010. It immediately went into 50°F storage. It reached 1.013 in 2.5 weeks but I left it in for 3 weeks. Strong sulfur smells during the first 2 weeks so don't worry about that. When the fermentation is complete, raise to 60 - 65°F for 1-3 days. Then rack it into a stainless keg or glass carboy for secondary at 34°F - 40°F (refrigerator) for 3 - 6 weeks for lagering. I left 1 keg in for 8 weeks and nothing "really" changed after 6 weeks of lagering. Some improvement after 4 weeks but at 3 weeks it was still GREAT! After secondary do your clarifying and then rack into the serving kegs. Starter: For this gravity beer I would do a 4.5 gallon starter (17 L) and you'll need about 1700 grams of DME. Use 2 packets of yeast in this starter. This will give you 8 packets of yeast (4 for each fermenter) which is plenty to do this gravity of a lager. You can consider putting half of the starter wort into each primary ferementer and then pitching 1 packet into each of the primary fermenters. Then just decant each fermenter of the starter on brew day. This way you don't have to worry about splitting the yeast evenly when you pitch.

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