Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Stout (1 ratings)

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Brewer: Maulg
Batch Size: 10.00 galStyle: Oatmeal Stout (13C)
Boil Size: 13.44 galStyle Guide: BJCP 2008
Color: 26.5 SRMEquipment: Stainless Kegs (10 Gal/37.8 L) - All Grain
Bitterness: 24.9 IBUsBoil Time: 60 min
Est OG: 1.058 (14.3° P)Mash Profile: Temperature Mash, 2 Step, Full Body
Est FG: 1.013 SG (3.3° P)Fermentation: Ale, Two Stage
ABV: 5.9%Taste Rating: 40.0

Amount Name Type #
16 lbs Pale Malt, Maris Otter (3.0 SRM) Grain 1
1 lbs Chocolate Malt (450.0 SRM) Grain 2
1 lbs Oats, Flaked (1.0 SRM) Grain 3
1 lbs Wheat, Torrified (1.7 SRM) Grain 4
12.00 oz Caramel/Crystal Malt - 55L (55.0 SRM) Grain 5
8.00 oz Roasted Barley (300.0 SRM) Grain 6
8.00 oz Brown Sugar, Light (8.0 SRM) Sugar 7
2.86 oz Fuggles [4.5%] - Boil 60 min Hops 8
0.51 oz Goldings, East Kent [5.0%] - Boil 15 min Hops 9
1 lbs Maple Syrup [Boil for 15 min] (35.0 SRM) Sugar 10
6.00 cup Raisins (Boil 1 min) Misc 11
0.7 pkgs London Ale Yeast (Wyeast Labs #1028) Yeast 12

Taste Notes

2 weeks after boil. 1 week in primary and 1 in secondary. Kegged and in the fridge. Has a great aroma and after taste, perfect. However theres a strong new beer astringency that ruins it. Hope this goes away with some rest. Wait a month and taste it again. Assuming the new beer flavor goes away… The oats are not comming through as much as Id like and needs more of a toasted flavor. Next time try better oats with more toasting. Rather than quaker oats from the grocery. Also, for a less xmas style, get rid of the nutmeg and cloves from the spice extract. Might also try adding maple syrup at flame out.


For the holiday flavor add the following in a bottle at brew time, then add to the beer at kegging/bottling. Holiday Spice Extract --- 12.00 Oz Bourbon 3 Tsp Cinnamon (cinnamon stick?) 3 Unit(s)Vanilla Bean


Not as good as the original

by maulg

Tried modifying the orignal recipe, but ended up making it worse. Use XMas Oatmeal Raisin Cookie recipe.

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