RicePils 2013

All Grain Recipe

Submitted By: Miklabjor (Shared)
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Brewer: Miklabjor
Batch Size: 5.81 galStyle: Classic American Pilsner ( 2C)
Boil Size: 6.60 galStyle Guide: BJCP 2008
Color: 3.4 SRMEquipment: My Equipment
Bitterness: 30.2 IBUsBoil Time: 90 min
Est OG: 1.048 (11.8° P)Mash Profile: Single Infusion, Light Body
Est FG: 1.009 SG (2.2° P)Fermentation: My Aging Profile
ABV: 5.1%Taste Rating: 30.0

Amount Name Type #
1.00 ml Lactic Acid (Mash 60 min) Misc 1
0.50 tsp Calcium Chloride (Mash 60 min) Misc 2
9 lbs 0.62 oz Premium Pilsner Malt (Weyermann) (1.9 SRM) Grain 3
2 lbs 3.27 oz Rice, Flaked (1.0 SRM) Grain 4
0.35 oz Magnum [14.0%] - First Wort Hops 5
0.53 oz Hallertauer Mittelfrueh [6.7%] - Boil 20 min Hops 6
0.40 g Irish Moss (Boil 10 min) Misc 7
0.35 oz Hallertauer Mittelfrueh [6.7%] - Boil 10 min Hops 8
2.0 pkgs Saflager Lager (DCL/Fermentis #W-34/70) Yeast 9

Taste Notes

Not ready yet. the 2012 version was good, clean malty flavor with a nice floral and earth like bitterness and aroma. only "Issue" was that it was sweeter than i aimed for, this time it should be drier. Transfere to Secondary / lager: Clear yeast haze, hard to judge 'darkness', clean taste with slight honey/fruity sweetness, floral with clear malty aftertaste, not especially sweet. I am very satisfied with the taste at this point! This beer has nearly no sulfur or cabbage smells which were present in the 2012 version, this one resembled more the smell of a clean sugar and yeast fermentation e.g. the finnish Sima drink. Kegging: Color is light yellow, there is a fine haze in the beer, seems that long storage did not do much to remove it. The aroma is very neutral, with a hint of strongbow cider. The taste is good! first there is a slight cider like taste with clean notes of ethanol, the after taste is malty and has a nice smooth noble hop bitterness without any of that 'sewer' like taste that Saaze tends to give. The body is good! but without being to sweet. this beer will be great when carbonated ! i guess the cider like taste (strongbow cider) is due to the rice. Seems that i solved the high sweetness problem present in the RicePils 2012 beer and the hop flavor is also more neutral in this one.


Malt: Weyermann Premium Pilsner http://www.browamator.pl/zdjecia/8/7/5/2759_Weyermann_Premium_Pilsner.pdf Very good taste, bisquite like with almost no "green" taste Brewing mased rice with ca. 300g malt for 15 min at 68C before adding it to the main mash, this was to make it less viscous and give it a bit extra mash time. My rice was preboiled and flaked, so i did not boil it, as is needed when using raw rice. Mashed at 65-67C (aimed for 65C, but overshoot) for 60 min, then sparged and added FWH. My main pot kept turning of before reaching boil so i had to pour 10 liters of worth into two pots on the stove and boil it there for ca. 20 min. then pour back and take out one more round of 10 liter for boiling, when 20 min left i added all the worth to the main pot and added hops and finnings. Cooling went well, worth became milky white due to a massive cold break, this haze turned into large flakes and sedimented withing 1 hour. then airated beer for 5 min using sparger and then added the yeast. OG: 1054 and volume ~22 liters. i got higher efficiency than usual. Fermentation Added both yeast packs at ~16C (temp. after chiller) then put in 10C fridge overnight and in morning set fridge to 12-13C range. The beer had started a good fermentation withing 24 hours. The low temperature start (10C) is to avoid to many fermentation by products which are typical the first 1-2 days of fermentation, these can take a long time to remove in a cold fermented pilsner. After 7 days temp was increased to 14-15C for 3 days, and then cooled down 3C pr. day to 2C before seconday fermentation. Secondary / lagering Transfered the beer to secondary glass carboy, purged carboy with CO2, siphoned beer over and then purged head space with CO2 and put the carboy into the fridge, set to 3-4C. SG: 1012 (quite low, but the real gravity, compensationg for alkohol, would be ~1015-1016 Kegging. go a full keg of 19 liters and there was maybe 1-2 liters left in the keg. beer had a very fine haze, but was otherwise good.

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