Black Gold Stout

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Brewer: Brian Smith
Batch Size: 5.00 galStyle: Dry Stout (Irish) (16A)
Boil Size: 3.91 galStyle Guide: BJCP 1999
Color: 29.4 SRMEquipment: Brew Pot (5 Gallon)
Bitterness: 30.0 IBUsBoil Time: 45 min
Est OG: 1.053 (13.1° P)
Est FG: 1.015 SG (3.9° P)Fermentation: My Aging Profile
ABV: 5.0%Taste Rating: 45.0

Amount Name Type #
1 lbs Roasted Barley (300.0 SRM) Grain 1
6 lbs Dark Dry Extract (17.5 SRM) Dry Extract 2
1.00 oz Santiam [6.8%] - Boil 45 min Hops 3
1.00 oz Ultra [4.2%] - Boil 45 min Hops 4
1.00 tbsp Gypsum (Calcium Sulfate) (Boil 45 min) Misc 5
1.00 tsp Irish Moss (Boil 15 min) Misc 6
1.0 pkgs Dry Ale Yeast (Nottingham #) Yeast 7

Taste Notes

Smooth, clear (for a stout), beautiful. A bit hoppier than I'd have expected. Given I like hops and I like stout, I'm in business! I like it; Madge liked the previous stout better (less hops).


Forced with Nitrogen/CO2 mix at 32 psi. Not ready after 3 days (almost), so left another. Not ready until 5 days. Might be due to kegging in the 5gal. keg instead of the 2.5gal. like the last batch.

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