Simarillo IPA (BIAB)

All Grain Recipe

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Brewer: Schammy
Batch Size: 5.75 galStyle: American IPA (14B)
Boil Size: 9.03 galStyle Guide: BJCP 2008
Color: 8.8 SRMEquipment: Stainless Kegs (10 Gal/37.8 L) - All Grain
Bitterness: 81.8 IBUsBoil Time: 60 min
Est OG: 1.067 (16.5° P)Mash Profile: BIAB, Medium Body
Est FG: 1.016 SG (4.0° P)Fermentation: Ale, Single Stage
ABV: 6.8%Taste Rating: 30.0

Amount Name Type #
6.00 gal Portland OR Water 1
12 lbs Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2.0 SRM) Grain 2
2 lbs Caramel/Crystal Malt - 20L (20.0 SRM) Grain 3
1 lbs Victory Malt (25.0 SRM) Grain 4
1.00 oz Amarillo Gold [8.5%] - Boil 60 min Hops 5
1.20 Campden tablets (Boil 60 min) Misc 6
1.00 oz Simcoe [13.0%] - Boil 20 min Hops 7
1.20 Whirlfloc Tablet (Boil 15 min) Misc 8
2.00 oz Simcoe [13.0%] - Boil 15 min Hops 9
1.0 pkgs American Ale (Wyeast Labs #1056) Yeast 10
1.20 tsp Yeast Nutrient (Primary 3 days) Misc 11
3.00 oz Amarillo Gold [8.5%] - Dry Hop 0 days Hops 12
1.00 oz Simcoe [13.0%] - Dry Hop 0 days Hops 13


My 10 gal pot will be just barely big enough. Make it work. Use this tool for quick and dirty water and strike temp estimations No mash out, don't really have a pot big enough LOOK OUT!... My batch size into the fermentor is indiacted as 5.75. With a batch this size, I will need 10.44 gals in the mash -- my pot is only 10 gals. Plus I don't know how much the grains will displace everything. I may just need to mash with less water and top up before the boil. This will require a gravity reading just after the mash. My refractometer would be ideal (assumnig it is working correctly). The temp of the mash will be high so I wil need to be congnizant of that. My refractomer does have automatic temp correciton thoug and a few drops of wort will cool quickly. Update...good news... Under the water vols tab I put in that I will top up 2 gals to the boil pot after mash. This then gives me a total grain and water volume of about 9.6 gals -- just enough to fit in my pot. After mash, I will top up with 2 more gals and I should hit the numbers. Gravity should be 1.054 before the boil and come up to 1.072 at end of boil.

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