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dcpstros - 20 July 2013 - 9:55 pm
Larry, How did the Yard Destroyer come out? Ours was delicious. I may try one more tank before fall. Looking forward to your objective review! John and Beamish AKA Yard Destroyer
dcpstros - 25 February 2013 - 9:06 pm
Larry, thanks for trying Yard Destroyer. It's going to be great while you mow grass or dig up shrubbery. The final result was a tiny bit darker than standard Kolsch, but I saw several variations of the color in Berlin so I don't think the refractometer police are going to come here and take it from us. Please let me know your result! Regards, John and Beamish (AKA Yard Destroyer)
lb81larry23 - 25 February 2013 - 6:01 pm
lb81larry23 reviewed the recipe Yard Destroyer