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docmyeyes - 27 June 2013 - 8:49 pm
since we talked last citra double ipa---excellent--kiwi ipa nice mild ausse beer great ice cold after mowing--want to brew citra again as in NOW but I think I will brew a double hearted ipa next-like akid in a candy shop--nothing tastes bad when you brew and pay attention---speaking of bad---jan brewed an imperial irish stout, so cold in basement when I bottled that the sugar never mixed well and ended up in the bottom of the bottling pale,therefore last 2 bottles had all the priming sugar----waited 4 weeks no carb--had to act to save the brew ---nobody on the web had any good ideas ---so I made a sterile ish area in the basement with 3 torches--strrilized new caps and added a sugar tablet to each bottle and 4 drops of ca ale yeast recapped and holy mack 3mo later and we got carb and good taste one or 2 more mos and awesome----never waste it unluss infected!!!!