Yard Destroyer (2 ratings)

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Brewer: John Bryk
Batch Size: 5.00 galStyle: Kölsch ( 6C)
Boil Size: 5.70 galStyle Guide: BJCP 2008
Color: 5.3 SRMEquipment: Bryk boiler
Bitterness: 23.2 IBUsBoil Time: 60 min
Est OG: 1.049 (12.2° P)
Est FG: 1.012 SG (3.0° P)Fermentation: Ale, Two Stage
ABV: 4.9%Taste Rating: 30.0

Amount Name Type #
3 lbs Wheat Dry Extract [Boil for 60 min] (8.0 SRM) Dry Extract 1
2 lbs 9.76 oz Extra Light Dry Extract [Boil for 60 min] (3.0 SRM) Dry Extract 2
1.00 oz Saaz [4.0%] - Boil 40 min Hops 3
1.00 oz Tettnang [4.5%] - Boil 15 min Hops 4
1.00 Whirlfloc Tablet (Boil 10 min) Misc 5
1 pkgs Kolsch Yeast (Wyeast Labs #2565) Yeast 6


Yard Destroyer in honor of my jackass dog who ate a bag of grass seed, a welcome mat, blueberry bushes, kiwi vines, and a gazebo. 1.4L starter w/ Wyeast using pale malt base 8 Feb 2013 Bottled with 5 oz priming sugar. 1.5 g into keg. Open 31 March. Measured out at 1.002 FG, for 5.9 ABV. Hmm. Don't think that can be right.


by lb81larry23

Looking for a Kolsch recipe, and this has the best name origin I have seen. A jackass dog, AKA the "Yard Destroyer". I'm gonna use this recipe just because of the name. Let ya know how it goes. Thanks.

Self rating

by dcpstros

Though this compared favorably to a wide range of Kölsch styles tasted at AHA, it seems to have a slightly over-bitter aftertaste in the bottles opened soonest after lagering in the basement. More mature had a smoother finish. I would suggest, and will try, a change to the bittering hops next time. BTW, the Yard Destroyer has calmed down - he eats only squirrels now.