Montgomery Scott's Wee Heavy

All Grain Recipe

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Brewer: Ken Hawk
Batch Size: 5.25 galStyle: Strong Scotch Ale ( 9E)
Boil Size: 6.90 galStyle Guide: BJCP 2008
Color: 14.2 SRMEquipment: Kens all grain
Bitterness: 18.1 IBUsBoil Time: 60 min
Est OG: 1.098 (23.4° P)Mash Profile: Single Infusion, Medium Body, Batch Sparge
Est FG: 1.023 SG (5.9° P)Fermentation: Wee Heavy
ABV: 10.0%Taste Rating: 30.0

Amount Name Type #
15 lbs 8.00 oz Pale Malt, Golden Promise (Thomas Fawcett) (3.0 SRM) Grain 1
3 lbs Barley, Flaked (1.7 SRM) Grain 2
1 lbs Crystal 40, 2-Row, (Great Western) (40.0 SRM) Grain 3
1 lbs Crystal 75, 2-Row, (Great Western) (75.0 SRM) Grain 4
6.00 oz Cara-Pils/Dextrine (2.0 SRM) Grain 5
1.00 oz Northern Brewer [8.5%] - Boil 60 min Hops 6
1.00 tsp Irish Moss (Boil 15 min) Misc 7
1.00 Wort Chiller (Boil 15 min) Misc 8
0.50 tsp Yeast Nutrient (Boil 10 min) Misc 9
1 pkgs Edinburgh Ale (White Labs #WLP028) Yeast 10

Taste Notes

This one turned out great. Easy to drink but only 2 pints a night or the next day....


Low preboil gravity for some reason. Boiled an extra hour and added boiled down extra wort to get to the right volume. So I don't know if it was just my efficiencies. If done from this recipe care needs to be taken to insure it comes out properly.