Using the BeerSmith™ Cloud is a new beer recipe sharing service that is tightly integrated with BeerSmith™ 2.2 to make it easy to upload, share or find and use recipes on this site.

Within BeerSmith™, a new cloud folder gives you a shared set of recipes that can be accessed via your account from any computer running BeerSmith™ 2.2 or higher. You can access these same recipes from the web logging into your account here. It also lets you publish recipes as shared so anyone can access it.

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Getting Started with

  • You first need to register for an account at
  • Use the Register button on the web site to register for a new account. You will need an active email address.
  • After registering a confirmation code and link will be sent to your email address. You will need to use this code and link to confirm your account.
  • Once you have confirmed your account you can log into your account at any time using your user name and password

Adding Recipes to Your Account

  • Make sure you have BeerSmith 2.2 or higher available here. (Check Help->About) for your version number
  • Open BeerSmith 2 and click on the Cloud icon on the View menu or ribbon
  • When prompted, use the user name and password you established above to log into your cloud folder
  • Once you are logged in you can Copy/Paste recipes between the cloud folder and your My Recipes folders.
  • You can also right click on any normal recipe and use the Copy to Cloud Folder command to copy recipes to your cloud folder
  • Recipes added to your cloud folder will instantly appear in your Recipes folder online if you log into from any web browser.

Sharing Recipes

  • Newly added recipes in your cloud folder are private by default. To share them with others you can use the Shared/Private icon on the ribbon from within BeerSmith. A shared recipe is public and can be found and downloaded by anyone.
  • You can also log into your online account and share recipes from there using the Mark as Private/Mark as Shared links

Upgrading your Cloud Storage

  • The default basic account only allows space for 15 recipes in the cloud folder.
  • You can upgrade your account to a higher level of membership at any time by logging into your account on and using the Upgrade button on the main menu.
  • Due to the costs of maintaining the server, bandwidth, etc, the service is subscription based with most subscriptions lasting a year.

Finding Recipes Online

  • You can search the extensive database of shared recipes by visiting and using the search feature
  • Searching for a word will match only that word, but you can search partial terms by using a '*' character at the end of your search term such as "alt*"
  • When you find recipes of interest, you can Bookmark them using the Bookmark link.
  • Later you can Download or create private copies of the recipe in your cloud folder for use in BeerSmith.

Reviewing Recipes

  • If you are logged in to the web site you can review recipes and add your comments to each review.

Managing Your Profile

  • Use the Profile item on the website to edit your user profile. Here you can enter your real name (if desired), tagline, location, club, and website. By default your profile is PUBLIC information, except for your email which is not shared.
  • You can also manage Notifications here. By default you will receive emails when someone posts a comment on your recipe, sends a message to you, or follows you.
  • You can set up a gravitar by clicking on the Add Gravitar button. The site uses the gravitar system for storing avatar images, In order for your gravatar to show up on the web site it is important that you use the same email address when registering your gravitar that you used when registering for
  • You can also set the Units (Metric or English) used to display recipes from your profile page.

Following Other Brewers

  • You can search for fellow brewers by email address, name or user name using the Find Friends button on the main page just below the main search box.
  • If you have friends on the site, you can follow them using the Follow User button. This lets you see when they add new comments or post new recipes to the site.
  • You can see a list of all of the latest events related to your friends from the Friends main menu item.

Posting to Your Wall

  • Each user has a Wall for comments and links available from the Wall menu item online.
  • You can leave comments on your own wall or post to another's wall.

Private Messaging

  • also has a simple private messaging system. You can go to your inbox and send messages to other friends from there.
  • You can decide not to receive private messages using the Notifications section of your Profile.

Security and Privacy

Out privacy policy is not to sell or share your email address or IP address with third parties except for official legal request (such as a legal warrant or subpeona). If you sign up for our email list when registering you will be added to the BeerSmith email list only. You may receive email notifications for various events and news from the site, including the private messaging service on the site, but these can be turned off by going to your profile page on the web site.

All recipes you mark as public will be publicly available to anyone. Sharing a recipe on the site allows any visitor to download, brew, use or modify publicly posted recipes. Any data you enter in your user profile (except email address) such as your name, web site, avatar, tagline, etc...will be shown in your public profile. Your wall posts, comments, reviews, people you are following, etc will also be publicly viewable.

BeerSmith LLC and affiliates may provide "order now" links for selected shared recipes, and using these links will help support the BeerSmith web sites and company. These may include affiliate links, from which BeerSmith may collect a portion of the purchase price from the supplier. does use "cookies" which are stored by your web browser to support session logins.

The majority of the content on this web site is user-contributed, and the owners of the site make no attempt to moderate or filter every posting. If you find a post, comment, or other content that is offensive or inappropriate, please report it to a moderator for review. There are "report to moderator" buttons throughout the website.

We do reserve the unilateral right to ban users, remove accounts or remove content that is found to be offensive, inappropriate, or in violation of the user agreement. In extreme cases, your user account may be removed along with all of your content. If you are a paid subscriber and your account is closed or locked you may request a refund for the pro-rated (unused portion for remaining term) of your subscription payment by submitting a request in writing.

Security is NOT hosted on a secure socket (SSL) encrypted server, so your data including recipe data, passwords and user names are NOT encrypted during transmission over the internet. As a result, we cannot guarantee your privacy or security when transmitting recipe data. The service is not designed to protect proprietary or private personal information, but provides security and protection comparable to other non-encrypted web sites such as discussion forums or conventional recipe web sites.

We do take reasonable steps to prevent unauthorized access, and do our best to protect your privacy within the limitations of an open conventional web site.